University of Melbourne Old Quad Restoration


The oldest building on Campus, the Old Quadrangle Building, Old Law School (1854).

Structural demolition of East, West and North Wings involving demolition of two suspended bondeck slabs and removal of 200mm suspended bluestone landings and stairs to form openings for new stairs, lifts and landings.

Demolition of remaining section of existing roof structure.  Demolition of plant and services.

Engineering certification of vertical temporary structural support of the remaining heritage structure.

Demolition of building elements (ceilings, walls etc) covered by old lead paint in accordance with OHS safe work methods.

Here is a link to what the University of Melbourne Old Quad ended up looking like after the restoration:

The Old Quad Made New Again


  • Project Name University of Melbourne Old Quadrangle Restoration
  • Client Kane Constructions Pty Ltd
  • Category Heritage Demolition
  • Location Parkville, VIC
  • Date NOV 2017 to OCT 2018